How to use the right emojis when chatting with a girl

The saying, “a picture is worth a thousand words,” has taken on a whole new meaning with the introduction of emojis. They can say what words can’t, emphasize certain feelings, and make your DM’s more interactive and fun.

When chatting with a girl, a few well-chosen emojis can be the perfect way to sway her interest and show her how fun you are. But, there are some emojis you should avoid — or at least use sparingly. In this article, we’ll discuss which emojis are right for a date and which ones you should avoid.

Smiley Face With Hearts (Smiling Eyes): This emoji has a smile on its face, with hearts floating around it. It’s commonly used to convey love and happiness, but it can also be a sign of anxiety or fear. If she has a crush on you, this is an ideal way to let her know that she is in your thoughts.

Water Droplets Emoji Meaning: If you’re sexy and she’s single, this is the emoji you want to use when communicating with her. It’s not as overt as using a kissing face or heart, but it’s still very sweet.

Sassy Girl

If you’re chatting with a girl on a dating app, there are certain emojis that work well to get her attention. They also help set the mood for the conversation.

One study from Clover found that women respond five percent more often to an emoji-containing opening message than non-emoji-containing ones. That means you should be using them!

It’s also important to know which emojis aren’t appropriate for women. The eggplant emoji, for example, has sexual connotations that women aren’t looking for when flirting.

Another emoji that can be considered inappropriate when chatting with a woman is the tongue emoji. While it can be used with a hint of playfulness, many girls feel that it’s too forward.

To avoid this from happening, use the winking face or smirking face emoji instead. Those will be more subtle and not have as much of a sexual connotation. And if you’re feeling really playful, use the water droplet emoji too!

Smirking Face

If you’re chatting with a girl and want to flirt, it’s important to use the right emojis. They can convey exactly what you’re thinking and feeling without having to communicate with words.

The smirking face is a versatile and suggestive emoji that can be used to express both sarcasm and mischievousness. It’s also one of the sexiest emojis out there when used correctly.

While the smirking face can be fun, it’s important to use caution when communicating with a girl. Using this emoji can make you look unprofessional, which is not what you’re trying to achieve.

On the other hand, a winking face is a great way to let a girl know that you’re not taking yourself too seriously. It’s not as bold as the smirking face, but it’s still plenty flirty and fun. Plus, it has the added benefit of making your recipient blush! This emoji is also perfect when you’re trying to impress your crush.


The smiling face with sunglasses emoji is often used to convey a cool, confident, carefree attitude, deed, or occurrence. It also stands in for a suave, mysterious individual.

It’s also used to say something is OK or awesome, or to express appreciation or approval. It’s a great way to communicate with friends or coworkers when they’re feeling down or need to be cheered up.

On Snapchat, the smiling face with sunglasses emoji has an extra meaning: it denotes that one of your best friends is a shared friend on another user’s list. The emoji disappears when this person isn’t on your list, and it changes to the grimace or grit teeth face if they are.

The sunglasses emoji is a smiley face wearing black sunglasses that look like Rayban Wayfarers. Its lenses are black with touches of gray, while JoyPixel, Twitter and Apple show gray lens filters that filter bright to moderate light and provide anti-fatigue benefits and protection from glare.